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                  Learn about different types and models of guanhang machinery series products to obtain more suitable products.

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                  Understand the practical solutions of the products in the following application fields to solve their own work scenarios and obtain relevant products.

                  Cooperative enterprise

                  Our concept is embodied by our core brand and the market we serve.

                  About Us

                  • Hangzhou guanhang machinery

                    Hangzhou guanhang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. independently develops, produces and sells chain block (0.25t-100t), lever block, electric block, Jack, sling and other lifting tools, with a registered capital of 10 million and an annual online sales volume of more than 20 million. At present, it has more than 80 assembly line operators, 20 technicians, and more than 40 sales and after-sales support personnel. The factory building and storage area is nearly 20000 ㎡, with more than 80 production equipment, daily production capacity of 1500 sets, more than 30 domestic and foreign brand partners, serving more than 30000 cooperative customers nationwide, providing spot goods, processing customization and other services. Welcome new and old customers to come for guidance and win-win development.

                  Focus on small and light lifting equipment supply services